Steganos Safe

Steganos Safe 19.01.01

Create encrypted areas in your hard drive or portable devices


  • Easy wizard-like interface to create safe
  • Works with both hard drives and USB devices
  • Powerful password management tool


  • Advanced features take time to learn

Very good

Steganos Safe is a useful must-have of a tool that is designed to make encrypting areas on your PC's hard drive easy and safe.

Having sensitive data unencrypted on your PC is a big risk. Whether it's personal or business information, hackers can often gain access to your computer and retrieve it without you noticing it. With this in mind, Steganos Safe enables you to create as many encrypted areas on your hard drive as you need. Called "safes," each of these areas can be up to 256 GB in size. You can also turn your USB memory device into a portable safe where it's possible for you to safely take sensitive documents anywhere with you.

The interface on Steganos Safe is easy to use, with large icon to access each of your safe drives. It also features an intuitive wizard that walks you through the process of creating a safe. This ensures even the most novice of users are able to learn how to use Steganos Safe quite quickly and without too much difficulty involved.

Unfortunately, for users who have never before used a security feature like Steganos Safe, getting the hang of the purposes of each program feature might take awhile, even when using the help wizard for guidance. For reference, Steganos Safe requires an activation serial number to run the trial version, which in turn requires you to register on the Steganos website.

Steganos Safe is a solid encryption solution for those who need a guaranteed security tool.

Steganos Safe


Steganos Safe 19.01.01

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